Who We Are

Chester (Chet) W. Allen, Chairman

Chet Allen brings in excess of 50 years of developing, building and real estate brokerage experience to Land Planning Plus.

Chet, a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Economics, served in Korea as a US Marine Corps officer before beginning his real estate career. As a developer and licensed general contractor he has developed and built over $100,000,000 in housing subdivisions, condominiums, apartments, office and industrial buildings in California and Alaska.

He is a CCIM and has won numerous  awards for real estate creativity, and is the only winner of the nation’s  two highest awards;  the Snyder Trophy, for Best Exchange in the USA (65 properties, 35 principals, 12 lenders)  and the Campbell Award for the nation’s best commercial-investment transaction.   The national Society of Exchange Counselors has honored him as a Legend. Chet’s Developing and Big Money Brokerage Seminar has been well received around the county for 30 years, and he has three times been a guest lecturer at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Engineering.  His two books The Guide to Becoming Real Estate Rich, and Boom, Bust and Beyond are available on www.amazon.com.

Chet’s function is to locate the opportunities, co-plan the design, direct the developing process through the governmental agencies, and jointly manage the actual development, with excellence being the only acceptable standard.

Tom Edgemon,  Land Entitlement

Tom Edgemon began his entrepreneurial career in the green industry in 1962, being the founder and CEO of Rancho North, as owner-operator of wholesale production and retail plant nurseries, site development and large scale landscape contracting companies.

In the 1980s and 990s his companies developed industrial, retail commercial and multi-family projects.

His specialty became identifying opportunities and maximizing their potential. In addition to contracting services for Fortune 500 companies, Tom acquired and developed properties for his holding company throughout California, from San Diego County to Lake Tahoe.

As a property and business developer, founding or co-founding twenty-one start-up enterprises, he has become proficient in dealing with agencies’ entitlement processes. He is intimately familiar with communities’ requirements for urban planning, land use and coverage, stormwater management, fire and EMS accessibilities, ADA Compliancies, and additional elements of CEQA and NEPA criteria.

He also is acutely aware of the need for positive community relationships. With all his professional history, Tom’s strongest assets are his hands-on experience, managerial expertise, imagination and creativity.

SITE LINK: www.tbnc-california.com